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Don't confuse this message with the old one. :) We are (finally, right?) done with the newest, brightest and probably most helpful feature so far! A German to English and English to German dictionary! We really hope you'll like it. We sure do!Try it now and love it!

You can still get insulted off course! For this click here! ;)

"Whenever the literary German dives into a sentence, that is the last you are going to see of him till he emerges on the other side of his Atlantic with his verb in his mouth."

Mark Twain

The game

Der die das is a website that helps you learn the German article. Simply press the Learn button and you'll get a list of words with their English translations and you have to choose the right article for them. You have a counter and also messages telling you when you are right or not!

The cool thing

The cool thing is that you need an Internet connection just a few seconds after you press the Start button and then everything just works! However, for adding words (Yes, you can do that!), share you feedback or simply browse other pages you do need an Internet connection. Only for learning the article you need no connection!

The plural

The plural of the German nouns follows some rules but, generally speaking, it should be learned together with the noun's article. Der die das is showing the plural form or forms (Yes, there can be more then one!) for each word so that you can remember it easily. Thus you learn both the article and the plural of the noun in the same time! Check the topics page for details.

Cool expressions

You can't learn a language without knowing a bit of its charm and particularity! That's why we added a page for cool-must-know expressions. Not only they are funny but they will also help in expressing yourself! Click here or the Learn expressions button to dive in!

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