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To put this simple, Drei Artikel is about learning German. But you, however brave you are, must admit, together with us, that learning German is no easy job! Exercising, repeating will take you to your destination. But what about the journey? Here is where we'll pave the road for you. We put in your backpack games, maps and good mood. Together we experience not only learn, we discover not only search and we do all this while playing and having fun!


If you start to learn German you'll soon realize that most of the people will get stuck while building sentences because they don't know the words or the articles for them. We make it easy to lookup and remember a word or expression by adding the things any virtual dictionary should have: the article, the plural form, suggestions and fast searching. When possible we show examples of usages and sentences that makes remembering easy. Soon you will also be able to add the words you search for in the Play with articles game!

English to German Dictionary


In life there are always a few rules. And so it is in the German language. Except that there are more rules and many exceptions, off course. Some are manageable while other are just like pils: you swallow them! Drei Artikel gives you the maps to properly navigate in this labyrinth of particularities and keeps your morale up! Near those rules we put together other people and our own experiences and tips and tricks about learning German. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other but at least you know what was tried already so you spare some time!

Topics on learning German


We don't want to bore you with the technical details but apparently you remember more stuff when you're happy. And, we assume, you're happy when you play. So that's it: you have to play to learn German! As simple as that. Besides the articles game that speaks sarcasm fluently, you will notice that Drei Artikel is not the regular website. As much as possible we try to steal a smile from you with funny messages, cheerful user interface! We just try to bond. In the end we are all in the same bucket: trying to learn German. And having fun while doing it!

Play with the German articles


We can't promise you that the expressions we share with you will improve your popularity or that you will always be heard or listened. But you should be able to bring a smile on somebody's face. Maybe even yours. Learning a language is not only what's in the manual. Field work, done for you, gets here and propels you beyond C2 level. You'll be at the cool level! And because our mission is to make you happy while learning German we provide you also with the word by word translation. Won't make sense, but you'll love it!

German Expressions

At Drei Artikel there is always something happening. We have a lot of ideas in our backlog and, step by step, we bring them to you. If you need more at a time just ask. For sure we will need your help! Are you shy? Then just add some words or some cool expressions!

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